Frequently Asked Questions
You can find the answers to common questions about my makeup service here. For any other questions please use the contact form or email:


1. Should I have a makeup trial?
A trial is a great idea to find the right style that works for you. We can look at images of makeup that you'd like to try and discuss which colors work the best for you and the event. After the trial, get the opinion of trusted friends and family and if there are any concerns, doubts or things you want to change, let me know and I will gladly incorporate these on the day of the event. 
2. Can I book my trial for the same day as another event?
That's a great idea! If my schedule allows it I'd love to accommodate your trial on the same date that you have another special event on. It could be a great way to get a feedback from your friends and family.

3. How long does the makeup application take?
I like to allow 45 minutes for a makeup application plus 10-15 minutes for consultation and customizing the makeup style . For bridal makeup application I would like to have about 1.5 hours, to have enough time for all the details and attention the bride should have to look just perfect on her special day.
4. Where can we meet?
I travel to the convenience of client's home or the event location. A perfect working space for me would be - next to a window with plenty of natural light, a table to set up my makeup, and a tall chair (or two regular chairs).
5. How far will you travel?
I'm based in Sunnyvale and will travel within a 20 mile radius. Please contact me for a quote for the traveling fee. 
6. Will I need to touch up my makeup?
The makeup should last throughout the day, however you might need to touch up your lips, particularly after eating. I also recommend  having a pressed powder and tissues to eliminate shine. 
I offer touch up service for the bride and the bridal party, during the wedding photos and before the reception.
7. Should I start a skin care regime before my event?
If you would like to start a skincare regime, I recommend starting a few months prior. Give your skin time to adjust to the new treatments and for the treatments to have maximum benefit. Avoid having a one time treatment in the same week or on the day of the event in case it causes a breakout that will look worse than your skin’s existing condition.
8. Do you use airbrush?
No, I don't. I like to apply the foundation with a makeup brush for a flawless and natural looking skin. 
9. Does the makeup need to be heavy for photos?

The makeup style does not need to be heavy for photos and many lean towards the minimal or natural looking makeup. Clients who don’t usually wear much makeup may however be surprised to learn how many products the natural or minimal look requires. We need to consider the effect of the DSLR camera that washes out the natural features and picks up on blemish that we don't see in the mirror. However the makeup should still feel light and comfortable, and will look that way in the photos.


10. What products do you use?

Majority of the makeup products that I use is MAC. That brand offers all the products for a perfect result of makeup application. 

11. How important is hygiene to you?

Makeup hygiene is very important to me, I am extremely careful to avoid cross contamination of products. After every application I clean my brushes, wipe the powders, sharpen my pencils and use disposable mascara wands and lip applicators.

12. Can you do hair as well?

Unfortunately I am not a trained hair stylist however I can make some recommendations.


13. Can you start before 9:00 a.m.?


Makeup application is very detailed work, and requires concentration and a steady hand to accomplish a perfect look. If my schedule allows it I can try to meet you before 9:00 a.m. An extra fee will be added to the total amount.


14. Can I learn how to do my makeup?


Yes, during the lesson you will learn the steps of makeup application from light/casual to glam/party. We'll discuss the style of makeup you're interested in, then I will customize the look for you, and will show you how to use the right tools and products to achieve it. I think it's easier to remember when the info is written down, so I have prepared a printout with step by step instructions and pictures. You can also add your comments to help you practice after the lesson.

I will show you my favorite products and how I choose them in the store. You'll be all set to head out shopping, it's so much fun. I can also take a look at your makeup kit to pick the best items for you to use.
First lesson might take about 2 hours. I think it's best to meet for the second lesson after you practice the basics. You'll have more questions after trying out the new techniques. 
15. Can I have a makeup lesson with my friends?
Gather your friends, open a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates and let's have some fun with makeup. In a few hours you will learn all the trick you need to know about makeup. First I will apply the makeup on one of the guest's that will be my model. Explaining the details of the techniques and the products to create the styles - from light to dramatic. You will receive printouts with step by step instructions and pictures, that will have enough space for your notes and product list. Then each guest will get personalized makeup recommendations.